Pool Chemicals Low Ph

pool chemicals low ph
Help with my ground on Pool-chemical disaster?

4000 I have one gallon above-ground pool that my parents bought for my children. I was surprised and put chlorine in it and was never troubled, but he was always out of color. I called a company tehno Chemical, who informed me that probably metal in water and the need to treat for 7 days with the scaling of metal. I can not surprise shockx the killer algae blue. The water has not changed color. Cholrine levels are good, but the pH is low. Then he took a water sample to a store and tried it indicates that I have to add large amounts of calcium and alkaline booster increases the pool. Any suggestions as to whether or not to do this?

Jennifer, I think people responded to the question pool very good. We have a group like yours and have to put the same things in it regularly. I know it costs a bit, but I guess it is cheaper than a doctor or go to the beach looks dirty. The sun and the air change the chemical composition. Good luck.

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