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swimming pool covers commercial
What is the effectiveness of herbicides at home? (Vinegar and salt and dishwashing liquid)?

I recently purchased a house with a pool of land. The area around the concrete roof is covered with pebbles, which are a basic black plastic. I guess the black plastic is breaking and now the weeds are growing everywhere. Right now I have time to remove all rocks and replace the black plastic ….. so I'm trying to kill weeds until you can. This is a fairly large number, so it would not be effective time to pull weeds hand (I do) and would be costly to spray with a commercial herbicide. Any suggestions ?????

Vinegar is good …. poisons of salt in the soil …. flat washer fluid kills insects, weeds are not …… plastic sheeting can be broken … stones are good to keep the leaves dry and dust blown enuff on these things that act as "land" of weed seeds …. if you pull the weeds and outside fairly easy, so it's just a weed growing above the surface of plastic …. and those that are not difficult to remove when the area is wet by rain ….. and indeed, when the jet nothing to kill you has not yet taken the dead things, why not do the job without a poison?. … took some time, not so bad of a job ….. Preen is a great idea to keep the weed seeds that blow on germination in this little "field" between the rocks …. The other good idea is not to go through when we see it, but go and seize the moment !…. boiling water works on everything that has roots through the plastic or on the edges of the ….. but again, I still have to remove ….. Finally … if there is a place where a lot of weed cover … use something like a piece of wood …. left a week ago or less and which is under die …. then move the lid on some weed …..

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