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swimming pool covers solar
Help my pool party in August! (If time, fish solar time)?

ki have lots of questions. August 25 is probably the night too cold for part of the pool? its my birthday, which is in the depths of 23 and I can do it sooner. I'm worried that may be too cold my pool water is freezing. I get a solar fish? I know my parents have just spent over $ 4,000 trying to fix my pool (because something has off last summer), so I try to find cheap products. However, my pool is very large as 50 by 25 feet. fish by solar is effective? I know a heater or solar cover is out of question. So when I suggest that we should stop the game? I thought 10:30, but maybe if it ends soon, I can not that cold? I also invite 70 people. So I want to make the pool warm enough for people atcually as swimming in it! also because it will be very dark, I'll buy the game porably underwater light. please if k please please come eveyrone answers thank you very much <3

haha, wow! I have a pool party the night @ 25 and I also purchased light shows underwater. I think you should only use the pool heater. I have one, and it really works. My group is maintained 90 and the Spa @ 110. I do not think it helped a lot, but hey!

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