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Best Heat Protection Serum

best heat protection serum
Whats the best hair protection product and best hair treatment products?

My natural hair is thick and straight.
SInce I was 12 Ive been dying my hair, like a few times a year.
But since I turned 16, I’ve been constantly dying my hair (Im now 18)

For someone who has dyed their hair alot, its pretty healthy.
Its lucky I have thick hair.
However, my hair gets split ends and dry easily.

I use dry/damaged shampoo&conditioner or one specifically for hair colour.
After that I use the pantene repair and protect hair serum.
And when I blow dry my hair I use trevor sorbie protect, flatten and shine spray.
This is all so my hair doesnt get too damaged.

Recently I’ve been curling my hair alot but dont use any heat protecting products and that makes my hair dry.
Anyone know of any good heat protection products to make my hair shiny and protects it?

And anyone know what are good hair products that would help with my coloured/dry hair?

I dont want to spend alot so under £10 please.
Thanks (:

This is the best for my sisters hair, who’s a lot like yours.
TRESemme hair protection spray

What Heat Protection Spray Is the Best?