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Chi Heat Protectant

chi heat protectant
What is a good heat protectant for curling hair?

I curl my hair everyday before school and II apply a little bit of Chi 44 Iron Guard before curling it but I feel like it doesn’t protect my hair. If I apply it all over my hair it decurls it about a half hour after I curl it. What is a good heat protectant that will protect my hair and keep my hair curly? Thanks!

I use John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Perfecting Spray before and after I curl my hair, it protects my hair from getting damaged and my curls last all day and prevents frizz.

CHI 44 Iron Guard- Heat Protectant

Chi Heat Protectant Spray

chi heat protectant spray
They dry heat protector before ironing flat?

I flat iron my hair with a straightner chi and of course I use the heat protection measures. I use a spray-type. Do I have to dry before ironing flat? Can I go and spray it?

Yes, you do not let it dry. My hairdresser told me that this is only a little wet, making the research was dried and break easily. Hair were much healthier, because his advice … hope that helps.

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Chi Heat Protectant Spray Review

chi heat protectant spray review
Best Anti-Frizz?

I curly, poofy hair (like seriously poofy, if I do not flat iron, it really seems like I have an afro now !!!!!) what I do, wash my hair, dry air dry, then use my Got 2 Crazy Sleek serum (heat shield spray) are then ironed with a brush and flat. Are it may use some of what I have to take away frizz? Pharmacy favorite brands like TRESemme, Herbal Essences or Aussie. Oh, and shampoos that could help you? And also, I will soon be another iron. I was thinking of a CHI but then I saw it for 1 / 4 Price: http://cgi.ebay.com/Leonardo-1-Hair-Straightener-Flat-Iron-Classic-Zebra- / 220 467 739 684 I saw comments on YouTube and they all say it's good, but how long is it me? Should I invest in the CHI? Thank you all for the help!

In Indeed, I think either Aussie or Pantene Anti-frizz in control. Anyway, you do not really need to put as many products in your hair, because the more you use it, the more you damage your hair. When you are ready, the air conditioner to the hair, rinse thoroughly with fresh (or cold). It contributes to the frizzies from Jump up, and keep your hair smooth and supple. If this does not work, I would certainly recommend Straightner colorful seasons. It works AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!! It does not affect your hair at all, and it makes sense, and looks great. These are colorful seasons Straigtner: http://www.sfrproducts.com/herstyler-colorful-5.html I hope this helps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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