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John Frieda Heat Protectant Spray

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HELP! I notice the hair: (?

Here is how my hair, I shampoo first (now I'm sure that John Frieda blonde stuff GB) and then squeeze the water and I use the air conditioner, especially on my end, what then is left, I throw on my leather scalp and the rest of my hair, I leave it for about 2 minutes, maybe more. Then I rinse with warm water and dry with a towel. I do not use a hair dryer in about a year. I'm not straight, and I rarely draw, but I always use heat protection. If I grab my hair, I use Pantene cream split end, and Pantene shine light on my hair to untangle. Recently Time I noticed when I put the air conditioner in my hair and rinse again, I get a lot of hair fall to see pieces are not huge, but many. I am only 19 years and I love my hair and want it to be healthy. It is very thick, but what bothers me. What can I do to help? Is it because I need a haircut? I also get much when drying the hair

I think the normal … Average, we lose somewhere around 40 or 80 hairs a day (I do not remember what number it was), unless your a vegetarion but forgotten otherwise never know that i wouldnt worry

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