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Skeletal Muscle Heat Production

skeletal muscle heat production
I need help with the anatomy of some of these questions?

7: All of the following functions are to protect the skin temperature synthesis of vitamin B sensation EXC Rule 8: Every organ following hair accessories, skin, nails than pain receptors of the sweat glands 9: All the following functions are the support of skeletal system Cell production EXCEPT excretion of calcium storage at 10: All the following are the bones of the lower extremity appendicular skeleton EXCEPT fibula iliac carp metatarsal bone 11: not a function of muscles? Movement causes that produce heat absorption of nutrients for maintaining body posture

7: The following exceptions to the skin Synthesis of vitamin B sensation overheating protection * Rule 8: All these accessories are organs of the skin, hair, nails than pain receptors of the sweat glands * 9: All functions of the skeletal support system with the exception of blood calcium excretion production, storage * 10: All the bones are on the lower part of the carp appendicular metatarsal bone Exoskeleton fibula * Ilion 11: not a function of muscles? * Create movement, because the heat absorbing nutrients to maintain an attitude

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