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Heat Protectant Spray Reviews

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Redken vs Joico (Shampoo & Conditioner)?

I’m stuck on deciding on which is best for my hair. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews for both hair products, so its sorta hard for me to decide. I have thick hair (not colored/highlighted) and I tend to use a lot of heat (Flat irons, curling irons & sometimes blow-dryers. I’m not sure if my hair is damaged/fried or dry. I want to start using less heat on it, so I’ m trying to reduce the use of any irons. But the problem is my hair gets EXTREMELY poofy & frizzy (naturally). Any frizz serum doesn’t work on it (Including the John Frieda). And I do use a lot of head protectant spray .

Which brand would you recommend to me? & Does a diffuser help hair become less frizzy, does it make a difference? And any tips for hair, so it doesn’t get frizzy :]


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