Wal Mart Pool Chemicals Chlorine

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I have a 15in. metal frame pool and i want to know about chemicals?

i used chlorine tablet before every use and i so far used shock and swim after a week of used..my question it looks clean but not clear.How often do I add chemicals?What esle should i add and what is Baking Soda for and swimmimg pool salt?Is it for my metal frame pool? Can I get the chemicals at wal-mart?

You will require a chemical that will coagulate the fine particles of algae that are just too fine fo a sand filter to filter out. It’s best to run the pump & sand filter on re-circulate Once you have applied this chemical.
Check the total alkalinity of your pool & if it’s not in the 80 to 100 ppm range, adjust it. Also adjust the pH to 7.2 to 7.4 then super-chlorinate with as much as 1 gallon of liquid chlorine (or 2 pounds of dry chlorine for each 10,000 gallons of water. Set pump & filter to run on recirculate for 3 or 4 hours then shut down pump for 24 hours. Brush walls briskly Don’t allow swimmers to use the pool during this period. After the 24 hours restart the pump & vacuum the crap off the bottom to waste! Don’t allow this chemical into the sand filter as it could ruin the sand within it!

To learn more about pool chemicals consult your nearest pool company – who I’m sure will gladly help you & if you can obtain any books on pools then grab them.! i don’t think anyone can know too much on pool chemical safety & how to treat swimming pools!

It’s not a matter of throwing in some chlorine & hoping it will take care of itself, co’s it won’t!!
Protect yourself & your family & learn all you can!!!


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