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Is it too late or can i go pro?

OK so i have been playing soccer my hole life since im from african decent (Tunisia)
i stooped playing though because i was’ nt that good, m friends would tell me just stop trying and i stopped, at the age of 13 i started playing a lot more, i have been training since then, working out, running, playing soccer on the rain, snow even in the heat, now im 14, iv surpassed my mates in speed, accurcy, dribbling and pretty much everything, they actually play for the schoold team, wich is the best sccer team in nyc (high school), but i dont, althoug im better than them, is it possible for me to even go pro? Im only 14, my dad is not supportive he thinks its a waste of time but it really is what i want to do

your only 14 if your as good as u say u are you can go pro easy try playing for a amature team scouts come to watch amature games looking for young tallent if they think your good enought they may come backand even offer you an academy place in england we normaly dont eve get considered going pro until u are 16 (: good look dude

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