Swimming Pool Chemicals Canada

swimming pool chemicals canada
How do you winterize a saltwater swimming pool in Canada?

Do you add chemicals? Can you leave the chlorine generator outside? Should you clean it or anything? (Bought the pool with no instructions and very hard to find on line)

Couple things you need to do.
1/ Toss in your usual closing chemicals .You can get a kit at a pool store. They usually contain an algacide, sequestering agent and some form of oxidizer.
2/ Unhook the cell from the pool plumbing and it’s electrical to the generator panel and give it a cleaning with a garden hose to remove any large mineral deposits (there shouldn’t be much, most are self cleaning) and use a mild acidic solution (vinegar or a 5% muriactic acid /water mix), to run through the plates of the cell. Rinse thoroughly and store inside. If this is a Chloramatic salt generator, you’ll need to unthread the sensor plug, wipe it off and store in a plastic baggie. It can stay outside. If it’s a Goldline Aqua Rite, you can just leave the sensor housing alone. It’s fine.
3/ Once you’ve blown the lines at the equipment, use anything (expandable rubber plug is preferable) that you can stuff in the pipe where the cell was located. This just stops mice from getting in there.
4/ The actual control box, if this is a Goldline Aqua Rite or a Chloramatic, can remain where it is. The housing is weather proof and are ok in the environment we have here (Just north of Toronto)
Don’t worry about your salt levels over winter. When you reassemble the generator and do your spring start up, let it run 2 days and have the water warm up a bit first, before even thinking about adding salt. Most of the sensors used for generators won’t give you a proper reading until the water temp is up to 60 F or so and the cold water won’t be allowing much to live in there anyway. If you are concerned, you can take a sample into your local shop and they can give you the info you need on how much salt will be needed to bring your salinity up for your size pool. It will be low, as you’ve diluted the salinity from Fall, with your spring fill water. Don’t forget to let them know which salt generator you have, as they have operating ranges from 2500 ppm to 3500 ppm.

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