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My Estate Whirlpool Fridge drools water into the interior?

My wife and I just bought a house and it came with the above mentioned fridge. When I first opened the door to fill it with our food there were pools of water on all of the shelves and I have noticed that from time to time water just pours out of an opening in ceiling of the fridge compartment onto the food and onto the shelves. Maddening. The crisper trays each have an inch of water in them as well. Also, all of the bottles of product in the fridge are always covered in drops of water. We live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and it is Aug 16th. We moved in July 18th and it was 24 C or 78 F degrees here for three weeks with lots of rain. Now it is 31 C or about 90 F and beautiful. Nothing has changed. Any suggestions?

My two cents worth is that both the above answers are correct. Your door seals probably aren’t sealing allowing moist air to enter and causing allot of ice buildup on the evaporator coils. Then when the unit goes into deforost, its melting all that ice, which is SUPPOSED to drain out a tube down to a pan under the condenser coils, but the tube is plugged/blocked, so the water is overflowing the pan and running into your unit.

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pool chemicals canada
questions about not opening my pool yet?

its spring in canada and im not going to open it yet. theres a winter tarp on it (done by pros) although some water bags broke (done by pros), so part of it is off but its secured. someone suggested i turn the pumps on to let it circulate, saying i wouldn’t need to spend so much on chemicals? any reason for me to do anything but let it sit?
hmm have you ever heard of canada cause it really really doesn’t work like that here

i don’t know about your part of the world but i let mine run 12 months of the year i live in spain there are chemicals that you buy to bring them back you will find that the pro.s will be back
in the spring to clean it up for you at a price take all the shite they have put in out add about 25 litres of 0f Liquid bleach and turn the pump on and watch it clear

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