Swimming Pool Maintenance Products

swimming pool maintenance products
what can i put on wet hair to stop it going frizzy?

I would like a low mantenance hair routine. I have long wavy / curly hair… but mostly it goes frizzy .
I have 3 kids, so i need a low maintenance hair care .
what im really after is a product that i can just work into my hair after washing it , and just leave my hair to naturally dry .

For some reason , my hair looks great with lovely curls just after ive been swimming, all i do is brush it when i get changed and leave it to dry natrually, but just brushing it and leaving it after i shower dosnt work…. so im just looking for somthing to put on it .

Please dont say a bucket of pool water lol . !!

I have wavy hair too and it does go frizzy if i let it dry naturally. I find it best to use some leave in conditioner to stop it going frizzy and it works. Sometimes when i wash my hair before i go out, I also use some hair foam and gel so that i pump up my curls a bit more. Talk to your hairdresser about it and see what s/he tells you.

Pebble Tec being applied to a swimming pool