Solar Pool Covers Cheap

solar pool covers cheap
Need to heat above ground pool ??

cheapest way to heat water?

I have 15 foot above ground pool. I would like to heat it the cheapest way so i can swim as many weeks as possible and try to keep some of this british heat in! i have a solar pool cover on it to capture the occassional sun rays to heat the water.I realy dont want to use a electric heater as they cost a fortune to run , has anyone any suggestions . was looking at solar heating but not sure how that would work ??

Black hose pipe works well, it needs to be layed in the sun & circulated, we conected ours to the pool pump on a timer, so it ran for 5mins every 30mins. The sun does have to be shinning. Hope this helps 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ecosavr Demonstration: the original liquid solar pool cover in action