Swimming Pool Chemicals Iron

swimming pool chemicals iron
Problem of iron over the swimming pool on the floor?

We have recorded our 18''x48 "intex above ground swimming metal in the pool. We filled with well water and it is brown. I went to the pool store of Norbert and Great Escape. You gived me some iron control chemicals and chlorox. After two days nothing seems to work. Please HELP. Children can not go wait in the pool. I was so sure that these guys know everything, and it seems like they do not do it. Verry dissapionting.

It can of iron into the water when the chemicals are not. You probably tannins in your water. Tannins give the water a light brown color and are rotting the vegetation in the well water. First I would like to know exactly what's in your water, second look at your options. Virgin Pacific Water-water tests for free. Go Here: http://www.virginpacificwater.com/wateranalysis.html If your kids are so happy in the pool water will not hurt them anyway. Moreover, there is iron in two forms: ferrous and iron. Ferrous iron which is dissolved in water can not solve at the bottom of your pool.

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