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heat pro gun
Have you used Academys Monarch .223 ammo recently?

Hi….I have a .223(5.56) AK 47 and I usually use the 5.56 Winchester ammo from Bass Pro. I bought some Monarch Remington .223 ammo, they have a greenish color, from Academy yesterday and it seems to work fine, but I heard the coating on the bullets are bad for your gun when it heats up. Just want to hear from some people who’ve used it recently.

Coating? Are you talking about the copper jacket? If so that is good for your barrel. Reduces the leading. Any other coating you can just wipe off.

Not sure about the .223s but I and others I know have shot several calibers of Monarchs and for such a cheap brand the results were surprisingly good. 30.06 grouping sometimes as tight as a dime, 30/30 grouping is good, .45 no jams good groupings. .44 solid performance. They do seem to burn dirtier than some brands so clean up is a little longer. Other than that I have no complaints about them. Good target practice ammo. I wouldn’t use it for hunting and there are better brands for self defense.

The one brand I would not recommend is Winchester. Duds and jams on autos in multiple calibers. Enough of them that I personally will not buy Winchester ammo any time soon.

Adidas Samba and Saucony Pro-Grid Rides meet the Heat Gun!

Heat Pro Heat Gun

heat pro heat gun
Do you think legislators who create “gun-free zones” should be held liable for any harm it causes?

This may be the most important pro-rights gun bill to come down in many years.

The Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act is a common-sense bill that would help protect the public. Resisting its reasonable provisions requires taking the moral low ground — that you have no right to defend yourself. “If you create a gun-free zone, you’re liable for any harm it causes.”

Even withouth this legislation, Virginia Tech is already feeling the legal heat and may be held liable for preventing students from protecting themselves:

And rightfully so

Yes! They should be held responsible for causing people to actually believe that there are no guns in a “gun-free” zone, with the gun that shot someone (or the family dog) in the “gun-free” zone!
All “Gun-free” Zone means, is, all law-abiding citizens don’t have guns. The criminals do though!

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