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Heat Protectant Spray Yahoo

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Protection against heat, what should I use?

I want one that you can buy) in Australia (not online and it works well, but is not too expensive. I would like to know if I use the extension heat shield for me (they are Thermofibre synthetic, so you can heat to 200-230 degrees it) because I would like for them beautiful, and when I use the same for my hair and extensions. Also, what does not want to leave in conditioner? would protect against the heat. coz I have a Pantene, and it is a spray, so I thought it might be better, coz its light. and when I wash my extensions, they are less soft? thanks:) help my question another extension? http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index; _ylt = ArCHZVpWZ_UcSgfw28iThsjg5gt;.? _ylv qid = 3 = 20090417060521AAUQrcD

CHI 44 Iron Guard is amazing. He is completely (well, almost) protects your hair and it smells really good! Cheers, – Claire

Review: Not Your M♥ther’s Hair Products ♥

Heat Protectant Spray

heat protectant spray
What is the best: Biosilk treatment or protection against heat Spray TRESemme?

I would like to smooth out every day my hair. What should I buy? Biosilk TRESemme treatment or thermal protection spray? and will also protect against heat TRESemme do my hair a glossy because Biosilk.

I would Biosilk

Product Rave – Lee Stafford Heat Protection Spray.