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Heat Protection Spray Reviews

heat protection spray reviews
Remington Wet2Straight bit burnt hair?

I was so excited and have a lot of research on these rectifiers. My hair was wet and I was really excited to use them .. ssssss normal noise, then I went to smell my hair and was mortified! Dry and burned – Major curl and break, when I touch it. Too much anxiety in order to use them again. Seems to not happen to someone else – in the opinion I have read! Also, I use a heat protection spray. Really sorry, I was so happy to have received this. My hair condition is pourous is acceptable to the dying, but otherwise the state. As I said, I read the reviews before I bought. If you are the answer, look at my first question. I have already said, it was damp but not wet.

Read before you buy Reveiws

Heat Protection Spray – Review

Heat Protection Spray

heat protection spray
What is the best heat protection spray product for use on the hair?

I'm starting to straighten my hair every day, but I know you need a heat protection spray. What product would you recommend. Even if you could tell me where the product would also great. Thanks in advance. 🙂

CHI Iron Guard 44 is incredible! I love and use it daily. You can get the most hair salons in the mall:)

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