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Heat Project Sp

heat project sp
The people in the future?

For a project that I was in school, I have to draw the person in the future with some modifications. As the Way our ancestors lost their hair and sweat away heat developed or how the Neanderthals (sp?) Smaller members to keep more heat, because in Europe had lived, which was very, very cold at this time. So what kind of adjustments do you think we are perhaps a million years from now, to help us survive in this environment?

Anatomical adaptation and evolution happens when animals you for the environment they are grateful. Survival of the fittest. Because people have technologically to invent advanced tools to control their immediate environment, or at least protect against this (eg agriculture, warm clothes, central heating and cooling, etc.) there is not the same environmental factors that people develop body types benefit force there was still dominated by agriculture. In other words, is not man change much from now. We will not develop a fifth office or develop wings. We will do the same in general. The only factor, choose or be from the future, people are sexual preferences. Because our sexual urges are still about the same preferences governed, the people are older on average because Women can not help but I prefer tall men. This is for babies who are older (to get men and women), and the cycle continues. The average Height is more in the future as good as certain.

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