Pool Maintenance Technician

pool maintenance technician
What is the average salary for on-site apartment manager? Guess my income! Go Ahead?

Ok … when my wife and I manage all maintenance a unit complex of 20 apartment 68 parking garages, a gymnasium, swimming pool and saunas. We paint pen, I know cons, if necessary Formica tops, flooring, paint, repairs, test clean landscaping, pressure washing, and wait for the pool, etc. My wife shows they rented units, background checks, accounting pour, rent, etc. .. We Are there free with a 2-bedroom apartment We are on call 24 / 7 … free electricity and internet, as well as the monthly salary. We have 3 children, a car, pretty average calculations and Take it on. We are working 90 + hours a week combined with a tag, if we are lucky. Guess our income …. Who knows what the average in Oregon Construction manager for the complex and little technology?

It's $ 19,000, without maintenance functions. So I think it is 28,000 $, plus a home for your work ..

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