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Home Pool Maintenance Costs

home pool maintenance costs
How do I take care of a pool?

My boyfriend and I are buying a foreclosed home that has a large in ground concrete pool. The pool is in good condition, but is somewhat of a frog pond at the moment. We plan on draining it and cleaning it, then filling it. Neither of us know how to care for a pool though. A friend told us that salt water pools are less maintenance, but is it safe for concrete? How expensive is it to care for, chlorine or salt water? And how much does a custom cover cost? Because the shape of the pool is definitely unique. Thanks for helping out!

Here you go.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Book

swimming pool maintenance book
Community Swimming Pool Maintenance ?

Please Can anyone enlighten me, OR suggest a Simple
Good Book , in English to help.Yes, it looks like I’ve been
thrown in at the Deep End , literrally ! Many thanks for any advice
Thanks to both of You.
Obviously VIP guidelines must be followed, relating to chemicals & proper
Health & Safety requirements .
The President of the Community did not even have any Chlorine provision, until I
bought in a Qualified pool engineer,
2 days before opening.
However, I have since decided not to take on the responsibility, because of the haphazard way the pool was opened, & additionally no proper guidelines given .
It may be Spain, but as you say these issues are VIP.

You sure were thrown in the deep end. The specs. are different for a community verses a private pool. You can’t control who uses it and their sanitation habits. The chlorene level is generally higher an superior filtration is a must. Do not follow the instructions for the maintenance of a private pool.
A good test kit is a must.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Sale

swimming pool chemicals sale
My roommate’s dog likes to swim in my pool…?

A LOT ….

And I seem to add chlorine more regularly that in the past. A sales person at my pool supply store said that dog hair is a big factor in chlorine absorbtion – one dog is equal to 15 people swimming. My roommate doesn’t believe me and refuses to contribute toward the additonal costs of pool chemicals.

Does anyone know where I can find some info on this topic?


One dog in the pool is actually equal to FIFTY humans swimming in the pool. Obviously it depends on the size of the dog. A larger dog would definitely effect the chemical use in the pool.

Spring Sale – Swimming Pools – 2010

Swimming Pool Maintenance Vacuums

swimming pool maintenance vacuums
is this possible???????

i know you can make underground stone pools.

i want an undergrond stone pool but with freshwater, no chlorine. and i want to have tropical freshwater fish living in there. i would have the heater on daily so the water stays at the same temp.
also i would have a waterfall to keep the water moving. and i would have drains more than one around the pool to keep it really clean(i would put a screen over the drains so the fish dont get in there)

also i would have sucker fish, and those pool vacuums?

aalllssooo!!! this would be an indoor pool, so no bugs would get in.

this is possible right? meaning, people can have freshwater pools with fish and swim in the pool too if i do all the maintenance right?

am i forgeting anything?

and say money is not the issue.

you will need filters but otherwise that sounds awesome

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