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Pool Chemicals Low Ph

pool chemicals low ph
Why does my pool need chlorine to much?

My pool seems the use of chlorine, as it should. I sat up in shock a bag Pool almost every day. Even then it is at the lower end of the recommended range. If I not, the pool will start to green after a day or two to make. I checked the pH value and it is always good – also took several samples Pool Shop – where a more detailed examination. They say the chemicals are good, except that chlorine is low. How much chlorine do with a pool (15,000 gallons pool)?

try to put chlorine in your pool bars … they can go in the baskets and baskets of swimmers in swimming on the water …. it might help. Do you have a Polaris suction thing? These allow algae and dirt. All pools must be at 1.5 ppm chlorine, shocking as it should bring up to 3.0 ppm chlorine ….

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