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Pool Chemicals Leslie

pool chemicals leslie
Which pool store is correct? Leslie’s Pool Supply or Pinch-A-Penny ??

Leslie’s tells me NOT to use the Liquid Chlorine (for Shock) because it is like 25 lbs. of Salt…They told me that my pool was too concentrated with chemicals and that I need to drain 2 feet from my pool and add 2 feet of CLEAN water back in and then re-test the water. Leslie’s Pool tells me to use the Chlorine Tablets and that here in Florida, we are the only state that even sells Liquid Chlorine in 2.5 Gallon re-fillable jugs…They told me everywhere else they sell it only in 1 gallon bottles (non-reusable bottles)

Pinch A Penny told me that Leslies in incorrect regarding the liquid chlorine and that Liquid Chlorine is indeed BETTER then the Chlorine Tablets (for shock)

Any pool experts willing to chime on in?

Thanks in advance!!!

Each form as it’s advantages and disadvantages. Liquid shock, while easy to apply, does have a relatively short shelf life and a high salt content. (I don’t recall the exact figure.) Powdered shock treatments (the most popular being some form of calcium hypochlorite), does have a longer shelf life and a much higher chlorine content (about 12% available chlorine for liquid vs. 65-75% for cal hypo.) I prefer using the cal hypo myself; there are those in my group (see below) who swear by liquid (part of what’s known as the “BBB” method.) I don’t share that opinion, but that’s just what it is: only my opinion. It’s really a matter of what you find works best for you.

As far as draining and refilling part of the water, the most common reason for that (or what Leslie’s is probably trying to describe) is a high TDS level (total dissolved solids). The salt content in the liquid will help contribute to that number, but then again, so will the calcium in the cal hypo over time. Anything added to the pool will increase the TDS in time, and will eventually need to be lowered by draining and refilling part of the water. Water added through evaporation won’t do it, since when the water evaporates, it leaves solids behind, so the concentraion in the pool stays the same even after new water is added.

As far as the liquid in 1-gallon jugs, that is the way we sell it in the Northeast, but it is available ito the trade in 5-gallon carboys (haven’t seen it available to the public that way, but I couldn’t swear that it isn’t..)

Pool Chemicals Salt

pool chemicals salt
what is the difference between salt pools and ozone with mineral systems?

In the process of pool shopping and there are two different setups which trying to figure out which one will be less harsh with regards to chemicals and also which one is more cost effective and takes less time to maintain.

Your least expensive option is a liquid chlorine pool and maintain chlorine at 1-3ppm with 5 max.

Ozone and Salt Chlorine generator systems are way more costly and only last for several years before replacement is needed. You can purchase a whole lot of chlorine for what you would pay for either system. But they are all very popular systems.

See Delozone.com for ozone – eclipse generators.
They also have an ozone/chlorine generator for salt pools called Trio-pure. Ozone allows for a 50% drop in chlorine levels. BTW ozone is gone quicker than you can snap your fingers and needs long circulation times to do any good.

See Pentairpool.com for Intellichlor, use the 40,000 gallon module regardless of your pool size since they all make very small amounts of chlorine per day. Typical chlorine levels to maintain are 1-3ppm with 5 max.

Nature 2 makes a mineral filter that allows your choline level to drop 50%. Get this sized to your pool to avoid copper staining of your plaster! New cartridges required avery 6 months and cost $100 each or more!

But with all low chlorine systems the devil is in maintaining these low levels (0.5 to 1.5ppm) on a hot summer day!

Oddly enough, salt/ozone and mineral systems can be used together see del ozone tech section for more info on this.

All the above systems are relatively labor intensive in terms of adjustment, you still need a good test-kit to check the units chlorine production and make adjustments from there. Remember water below 70 needs little chlorine while water above 80 needs a lot. The chlorine generators all shut down when water temps are in the low 50’s.

Here in Southern California that means from November to April they are snoozing.

My bet is to use liquid chlorine to maintain your pool and bank the rest and you will be ahead. If you want to spend money in an area that will have a payoff see pentairpool.com and look up the intellifow variable speed pumps that save you $$$$ on your electrical bill. These pumps would almost be needed to offset the electircity the ozone and salt pools use to produce ozone/chlorine.

You’re welcome!!

CL Free Chlorine Free Pool 818.741.1241

Swimming Pool Chemicals Safety

swimming pool chemicals safety
I have my ducks in a highly chlorinated pool??

We have just opened my backyard above ground pool in my. There is a male and female Duck that almost every day come and swim around. We found no shit in the water yet, but looking forward to it and its security concerns, because the pool is heavily chlorinated and has large quantities of chemicals in it, and we are concerned about their health. help beacause not cover assets, after the rain, filled the cover with water and they came back. We are also concerned that there could be eggs around, because we have many plants and shrubs and we do not want the chicks from drowning, because he steps in the pools arent even if they are still there, then. HELP ?!?!?!

what I saw, is to buildings and other structures where not wanted the birds are done to include on the Structure down, making it impossible avenge them. You could put two and four of these tips on the subject. other than that, I would like to attend to only set plan. maybe get a cat or a dog, not like the ducks.

Swimming Pool All In One Polypropylene Kit