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Pool Maintenance Troubleshooting

pool maintenance troubleshooting
Pool Maintenance Troubleshooting?

We haven’t been able to use our above ground pool for 2 days due to weather. It was covered during that time. I didn’t run the pump (call me stupid…). Anyway, I took the cover off today, planning to test the water and let the kids swim. The sides of the pool and the rafts had a slimy feel. The water is crystal clear, and there isn’t anything floating in the water (except the random bug or leaf that blows in). Is this an algae problem or what? What can I do for it? I have shocked it and have run the pump pretty much all day. Should I let it go all night and then check it again in the morning? I have also wiped down the sides and bottom of the pool with my sponge mop? What else can I do?

Keep pump running scrub down with soft brush,check Ph.It sounds like algae precursors.

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Pool Maintenance Faqs

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pool maintenance THIS HARD??

We bought this house back in January. The pool was in terrible condition. We drained the muck out of it, cleaned it best we could then filled it.

Read all over the internet, thought we figured everything out but the pool keeps falling into disrepair. We have to constantly shock it to make it look swimable… it either clouds up or turns green. We have never owned a pool before and nobody we know owns one either.

Anyone have any tips, faqs or anything else that would be helpful to us?

We were in the same situation; I was the only one between my husband and I and our families who had any kind of knowledge of swimming pools, and my extent was to knowing how to refill a chlorine floater.

I learned a great deal from looking around on the internet; however I learned that not everything I read was true for my pool.

But I learned the most by getting in touch with my local pool supply company. If you’ve got a Leslie’s Pool Supply in your area, I HIGHLY recommend them. Every time I’ve had a problem arise with my pool that 5 different solutions failed to fix, I’d give them a ring and I’ve never had problems with someone saying, “I have no idea.” Even when I had issues with the pump not working properly, they’ve always had suggestions and answers. www.lesliespool.com is their website if you’re interested.

Keeping it clean will take some diligence, even after you become a pro at it. The different seasons will present different problems year-round.

Start out, as some others said, by taking a sample of your water and have the pool supply company test it. Not only will they tell you what’s wrong, but they will show you what kind of chemicals you will need. Course, you don’t have to buy them there; you can buy pool chemicals from hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot to Wal-Mart.

Circulation is also a key thing to remember. As long as you keep the water moving, things will get filtered out but, alas, eventually you’ll have to clean the filter as well. And it won’t be perfect all the time; I had to learn that lesson too, especially if you’re busy and can’t devote more than a few minutes a few days a week to it.

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