Swimming Pool Chemicals Cheap

swimming pool chemicals cheap
Cleaning overground pool bout 3-4 feet deep and 16ft wide how to clean it? very dirty and green with bugs?

i have a pool that is very green and dirty w/ algae and bugs and all that. what exactly do i do with it? do i let out all the water and scrub it? it has 1 of those regular small cheap swimming pool pump. do i fill it up and then clean it w/ that? do i put chemicals? if so then what? or do i just empty it out and clean it bare handedly?? what should i do??

You will need a couple of new filters, this is very important. You need a pool brush- a long pole with a pool brush attachment. You need a pool vacuum and a net. Last of all you need ‘Shock’- the chemicals that will clean water.

Put new filter in, then take your net & scoop out as much bugs, leaves, etc. as is possible. Put Shock in, then run your filter all day. This should clear water enough to see bottom even if still murky. Take brush & scrub sides and bottom of pool until all algae is scrubbed off. Your filter should still be running as you do this. Then, vacuum your pool very thoroughly.

After that, throw that filter away & put another new one in & if necessary, Shock pool again & run filter for many hours. This should take care of it.

Filters have to be changed every 1-2 weeks. You need to check the chemical levels in pool every day and add chemicals as is necessary.

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