Swimming Pool Chemicals Maintenance

swimming pool chemicals maintenance
What chemicals do I start with my new pool?

I bought a Intex 14 "x 42" pool may, is 3.024 liters of water and I'm not sure what I need to put in chemicals, I bought a starter kit and pool maintenance, it came with 3 bottles. A stabilizer and conditioner, chlorinating granules no shock to swim and some test strips. I do not know the exact steps I need to develop chemical and where I take it. Did I just throw them in the pool? or put them in the filter. Any help would be appreciated. Thank pool available (http://www.biglots.com/Specials/item.aspx?cid=15&scid=49&iid=8077)

Like the other guy said, should school leaders on the package closely. You may need to raise a few tips to reduce or the pH, adequate.

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