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Baquacil Pool Chemicals

baquacil pool chemicals
I have just installed our new pool. Anyone with Baquacil?

What is your experience with Baquacil? We have just received our new swimming pool installed last week. I will fill it and the addition of chemicals that week. I bought the system Baquacil. I used regular chlorine in my pool at my other. At the pool store told me about the benefits of Baquacil: no pain, ear, do not dry out the skin, not fade bathing suits, less maintenance time, not as corrosive on the ship, etc. I know that Baquacil costs more, but if it works better I do not really care. I also heard that after 2 or 3 years ago, most people have to go back to chlorine for a while. I wondered what people who have used this product to think of it? Did it for you good or not? Thank you.

I worked in a business of Pool & Spa for 3 years and I prefer Baquacil. What the funny taste or smell, occurs normally when too much algaecide disinfectant or too much. Baquacil I had in my pool at home and no problem for the past 4 years. It is also much easier to wait in the winter … just add the start-up dose to make up your pool in the vicinity then cover it. Since Baquacil achieved only if there are people in the pool (or Leaves and other bacteria) will be there again when you open your pool sanitizer in the following spring / summer. Good Luck! Hope that helps:) PS: One of the ingredients Baquacil is used in the contact area solution means no burning eyes:)

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