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Pool Products Texas

pool products texas
I started a small retail/service company in the swimming pool business. I allready want to expand.?

Need a investor to grow and expand quickly. How to i locate and find a good investor. This company is growing leaps and bounds. It is not in any cash flow problems and has assets. The pool retail store is located in Katy, Texas. Only 2 other stores are in the Katy area. I can sell my pool products much cheaper and we have more pool knowledge then any pool company in whole Houston area. Just need that right investor.

I think you have some misperception abut the number of pool retail/service companies in the Katy area, or else you just haven’t made clear what products and services you’re actually offering.

In fact, there are dozens of companies in this business in Katy itself (or at least who list their place of business as Katy), and literally hundreds more in the vicinity of Katy.

This means you have a lot of competitors, and very little knowledge of the business environment you’re operating in.

If you can explain these apparent discrepancies, that would be helpful.

Water Pollution in the Oceans

Pool Products South Africa

pool products south africa
10 MILLION POINTS TO WHOEVER ANSWERS THESE…not but ull get best answer?

1.Ethiopia’s relative location changed because

A.Somalia occupied its coastline.
B.Eritrea’s independence left Ethiopia landlocked.
C.its GNP fell.
D.its soil eroded.

1.All of the following have contributed to South Africa’s economic growth from 1950 to 1980 except

A.the country’s reliance on coal as a source of energy.
B.the availability of investment capital.
C.an economic policy that rewarded its workers.
D.a vast pool of inexpensive black South African labor.

3.One major difference between the economies of Zambia and Zimbabwe is that in Zimbabwe

A.the economy was dependent on only one product, copper.
B.no infrastructure was ever developed to support the economy.
C.the president instituted a cautious policy of land redistribution.
D.the wealth of natural resources was used to develop industry.

1. B
2. D
3. C

im not sure about the first one but im sure about the others