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Swimming Pool Products Direct

swimming pool products direct
Swimming pool disinfection?

I’m doing a research in college to find a method safer then chlorine to disinfect a swimming pool. Chlorine reacts with organic products to make chloramines while other popular methods found don`t seem as effective without the use of chlorine.

I have found some sites, such as azurwater.com, claiming that electroperoxydation does not use any chemical and there is no direct or indirect pollution involved. The concept is patented in France and could be applied to swimming pools as well as anytime you want to disinfect water. But I wonder if the titane electrode used is stable and the ions OH- and the hydrogen peroxyde (H2O2) produced, both helping for a lasting disinfection power, could have reverse effects on us, humans.

Explanations and sites are all welcome!

A few points:
-Chlorine is used for pools yes, but Bromine are also popular, and I see some lithium products being sold… you should look at an on line pool store to see what is currently available.
– The electro..what ever, is just another way to kill bacteria.. perhaps it could work, what is the amount of the H2O2 that will be created? when you add that to pool water (assume a 40,000 gallon pool) what is the concentration? is that enough to harm humans?… well if this machine constantly kicks out the H2o2 then the pool will (eventually) become a pool of Hydrogen Peroxide, and everyone will have blond hair.. so you will have to remove the peroxide somehow..(see if the french found a way to do that… they all seem to still have dark hair) you probably have to add another chemical, or change the water so often…

So how else could you remove bacteria from a pool? … Find out how you kill bacteria from other places, and see if you can apply that technology to pools… (extreme heat and UV come to mind)


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Pool Maintenance Tips

pool maintenance tips
thinking in getting an above ground swimming pool?

Hey everyone,

I live in the Salt Lake area and I just recently bought a house with a huge back yard. I always wanted a swimming pool ‘cos I enjoy water activities. My best option right now is to have an above ground 20’ round x 52″ high. due to space and money reasons. My question to everyone is if you ever had one what do you do for maintenance, do you emptied it before winter and re-fill back on spring? Anyway any tips that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

For maintenance, have a chlorinator installed in the lines or buy a floating chlorine dispenser and have pucks going in it all the time. Shock with a liquid chlorine shock once a week. Buy test strips to monitor the pH and alkalinity levels regularly. Buy a hand vacuum that attaches to the skimmer with a hose so that you can vacuum up debris in the bottom of it. Buy a handheld leaf skimmer to skim leaves and debris off the top of the water.

Do not fully empty it in the winter. Just empty it below the jets. There are other winterizing procedures too, such as putting expandable plugs in the lines and adding line antifreeze and algaecide. You will also need a winter pool cover.

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Pool Maintenance Man

pool maintenance man
Ladies I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dating Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ok I work at a pool and there is this lifegaurd (I’m not a lifegaurd, I’m a maintenance man.) Well everytime she catches my eye she gives me this little grin. I have talked to her a couple of times durning break, but I want to get to know her more. should I ask her If she wants to do something after work, or is it to early?

ild ask her out it couldnt hurt dont make it seem like a ‘date ‘ just say hey if you arent doin any thing after wrk you wanna go catch a movie or ask her if she wants to go out for like a burger or something i know it sounds old school but hey it couldnt hurt even if she has a boyfriend it is just among friends and if u dont know if she is involved with anyone you could ask before hand but make it sound like a joke so u dont sound worried say some thing like ‘now i dont have to worry about your boyfriend pounding me for stealing you for the afternoon do i?’ and laugh..hope it helps


Direct Swimming Pool Products

direct swimming pool products
what is the best option to install a high outdoor privacy screen (about 7 meter height)?

My neighbour is building a high-set house with clear view (from their upstairs) to my daughter’s bedroom and backyard. Although we do have a fence (only about 1.2 meter height), I am concerned that when our kids are playing in the backyard or swimming in the pool, the neighbours can see clearly and we do not have any privacy. Is there any buidling product we can use to block the direct view from their house to our backyard? Such as outdoor screen about 7 meter height and 10 meter width, something that can stand alone vertically (not cover type like umbrella)? We do have curtains for the bedroom but we need something that can block their view to our backyard as well. We do have trees but not tally enough to block the view.

Ooh, I feel for you! Terrible to lose your privacy as well as feelings of safety 🙁

Definitely check with your local zoning department; most have restrictions on the height of fences 🙁

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Pool Chemicals Bulk

pool chemicals bulk
How much does bulk water cost? and other pool questions?

I am looking to lease a home with an in ground pool and I would like some advice from pool owners. How much per gallon did you pay for your bulk water, I know it fluctuates depending on region, I’m in the midwest, but Id like an idea of what others pay. Also do you hire a company to do the weekly maintenance or do you do the chemicals yourself, which do you find to be more cost effective? Any other advice for keeping pool maintenance costs down are appreciated.

In Southern Arizona, bulk water delivery is charged at a penny a gallon and $95 per hour for the water truck. The last pool I designed and had to be filled that way ended up running around $850 for 13,000 gallons.

It is always cheaper to do it yourself, but you have to be honest with yourself as to whether or not you feel like you can keep on top of the maintenance. If you ‘let the pool go’ and let the chemistry get out of whack, you can damage the equipment or the interior surface, which cost a heck of a lot more than pool service.

Again, using southern AZ as a guide, you can expect to pay from $50-$125 per month on a service, which includes chemicals. The variance in price is because some services are water chemistry only, and do not perform other maintenance services like cleaning filters, salt cels (if you have one) and so on.

Maintaining a pool is a lot like maintaining a car – you can skip oil changes and not check the air pressure in the tires and save a little, or you can buy tires more often and replace the engine at 60,000 miles.