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Pool Chemicals Alternatives

pool chemicals alternatives
how often big change water in swimming pools for children?

We have a large children's wading pool this basis is used daily on a fast. It takes a long time to fill and empty, and we have cover for the top. How long should I water and what the alternatives are for the disinfection sure (Our children are very young and they often swallow the water, so that no chemicals please), I thank you for your suggestions!

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda has released a new pool of products …… comes in bags …. Walmart has it

Salt Water Swimming Pool Alternative: Ionization

Physics Specific Heat Problems

physics specific heat problems
Solving specific heat—physics problem. HELP!?

Please help me solve this problem. I’ve been working on this for like 3 hours and have not yet come up with an answer. If you get an answer, can you please show your work?

A hot, just-minted copper coin is placed in
116 g of water to cool. The water temperature
changes by 8.00 °C and the temperature of the
coin changes by 87.3 °C.

What is the mass of the coin? Disregard
any energy transfer to the water’s surround-
ings and assume the specific heat of copper
is 387 J/kg°C. The specific heat of water is
4186 J/kg°C.

Answer in units of g.

Thanks so much.

OK … here we go:

The energy absorbed by the water is:

E = 4184J/(kg*C)*8C*0.160kg = 495.36J

For the copper, we want to know the mass so let’s multiply its specific heat by what we know and see what happens. Note: we must use the inverse of the specific heat to get the units right and get an answer in grams. Lets try:

(kg*C/387J)*(495.36J/87.3C) = 0.014662kg or 14.662g

Lets check it just to make sure.

E = 387J/(kg*C)*87.3C*0.014662kg = 495.36J

Both the copper and the water exchanged the same number of joules!

The answer is 14.662 grams of copper.


Physics: Thermodynamic processes (1)