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Swimming Pool Maintenance Vacuum

swimming pool maintenance vacuum
is this possible???????

i know you can make underground stone pools.

i want an undergrond stone pool but with freshwater, no chlorine. and i want to have tropical freshwater fish living in there. i would have the heater on daily so the water stays at the same temp.
also i would have a waterfall to keep the water moving. and i would have drains more than one around the pool to keep it really clean(i would put a screen over the drains so the fish dont get in there)

also i would have sucker fish, and those pool vacuums?

aalllssooo!!! this would be an indoor pool, so no bugs would get in.

this is possible right? meaning, people can have freshwater pools with fish and swim in the pool too if i do all the maintenance right?

am i forgeting anything?

and say money is not the issue.

It is possible but I wouldn’t recomoend it. Your body has a lot of toxins and oils that when mixed in to a little pond could potentially kill your fish. If money is no object then you should be able to but it would be a waste with having to treat the water every time you leave the pool. It will be alot of work to keep up on it but it is possible.

How to vacuum a swimming pool

Pool Maintenance Problems

pool maintenance problems
I need help with pool maintenance!! Help please!!?

I recently moved and the house that we bought has a pool. We got a “pool guy” to come out and we did the whole pool school thing. Of course that’s a one time visit… Anyway, we got everything dealing with cleaning, vacuuming, and so on. But I can’t figure out when we’re supposed to backwash and rinse? I remember him saying that you don’t need to backwash and rinse unless your psi gets 10lbs above regular running psi. The problem with that is, the gauge never gets about about 8 psi. I don’t know if the gauge itself is broken or what? Anyone have any thing I could check or solutions? Please!! Thanks in advance.

Backwashing your filter is equivalent to changing the filter for your home’s air conditioning system, or cleaning the lint trap in your dryer. As the water from your pool circulates through the filter, debris collects on the filter bed–the top surface of the filtering material inside your filter. All backwashing does is reverse the flow of water through the filter, churning the debris and washing it out through the effluent pipe. The material in the filter is usually ‘graded’ in size and weight, ranging from gravel and charcoal to sand. So, when you reverse the flow of the water through the filter to backwash, and the contents of the filter are churned, they will also settle back down with the largest at the bottom–free of clogging debris.
If you have a diatomaceous earth filter, you will have to replace some of the diatomaceous earth after backwashing.
You add the earth through the skimmers so that it goes straight to the filter.
With a gravel/sand filter, you can backwash once a week or less frequently — but all depends on the particulate debris that gets in your pool water.
Periodically, you should open your filter, too, and check the volume of sand/gravel in it, since just a little is lost when you backwash. Once a year is probably often enough to do this.
Also, there are rubber seals/o-rings that keep the pressure up in the filter. If there is a leak in the seals or o-ring, then the pressure will never build up as it should until they are replaced.
I like to backwash about once a week until the effluent runs clear, indicating that the surface of your filter bed is clean.

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Pool Maintenance Vacuum

pool maintenance vacuum
How do I get my vacuum cleaner for my pool on the floor?

Our 18'x48 'above ground pool has recently been a greenish-yellow. I bought a shock treatment, and to this day. But there are things I need to empty the background, but I'm not sure where the hose from the pump. I wondered I clean the pump, or do I do the same? Im pretty much new everything so I need help with the maintenance part. Thank you

Go to your local pool store advice. They show you the parts you need and how to better communicate filtration as a description here. Regarding the filter you need, what type of agent will know will be used (cartridge, sand or DE) It's rare that you ever need to clean the pump, but it is a filter basket that large debris (leaves, small catch can-sticks, etc.) must be emptied and (should be a transparent window to determine, if necessary)

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