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Pool Products Review

pool products review
Going Swimming after having a baby and lactation?

So, I’m going to be having a baby about the start of July. I know I’m gonna have to wait a while after the baby comes, for my body to heal up some. My question is, What can I do about the milk that runneth over? With my first boy, anytime I got a shower or even took off my nursing bra, it was like free flowing milk. How can I contain this during the summer? I don’t want to go to the pool, dribbling milk all over. But also, I don’t want to take my newbie or a breastpump to the pool either. (Ugh, how would I even keep the milk in the heat?)
I’ve seen a few products that are like silcon covers, that fit over the breast to help prevent leakage. Has anyone tried these type of things for swimming? I don’t trust company product reviews, of course their product is the best and flawless, etc.
I haven’t put on much weight this pregancy, and I’m excited to try in keep up the trend for after the baby. Any kind of positive advice or reveiws you could give are deeply welcomed!!

I bought some of the silicone shells that collect leaking breast milk. They are the perforated ones. (they have holes at the top to allow air flow to the nipples) and whenever I bent over to pick something up, all the collected milk came gushing out of the top and through my clothes onto the floor! If you are going to use some, get the non perforated ones.

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pentair pool products
Pool filter problem.?

Our house came with a built in pool, the pool filter is from Pentair Pool Products. The pressure is always 30-32 psi yet theres barely any suction for the underwater vacuum and the drains are useless. We opened it yesterday and cleaned the pads, nothing has changed though its still getting high pressure but no suction. The pumped water is clear and full of water. Any suggestions?

You had better check to find out what kind of pressure you are supposed to have. That pressure in my system (a Hayward DE filter) would Indicates that the filter is totally clogged and is in desperate need of cleaning. There would be no because the pump suction is trying to but can not force the water through the filter (which therefore produces the high pressure reading). My system runs between 10 and 20lbs. When it hits over 20 I have to clean it. Your system may be different but I doubt it.

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