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Swimming Pool Chemicals Baking Soda

swimming pool chemicals baking soda
Is it legal to '24 bleach to your pool?

I have an above-ground pool that has become green during winter. I had the Water Weeks tested twice during the last three and I have cleared my chemicals but it is still green. I replaced the filter cartridge (and clean it and remove It twice a day) and shock-and super-shock "4 times and used alge remover twice. A friend recommended by several gallons of bleach with baking soda. You swear! I spent tons of $ and still have a green pool? Does bleach hurt the filter or liner? done shock X-tra Blue, and that the glass of water, green = water ….. I have a service-testing pool and they can not believe that it's green, because everything is balanced? I am very fustrated. Thanks Doogie, but I do not have a cartridge filter Sand and bought two new filter cartridge three weeks ago, I change twice a day, it is clean, while the other runs. more options?

I a 27 'above ground pool and wore my blanket during the winter, and I had the same problem. Mine is now clear. I have in 3 liters of algaecide (if your water is green, then the pain is still alive), my constant pH, chlorine tested and stored at a high level and run the filter continuously. It took about one weeks before I see the bottom of the pool. Dead postherpetic the floor, and when I'm in water I stir in a vacuum, so I am a bottle and threw it clearifier and the pump can run for a few days and the problem solved. Hope this helps.

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