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Heat Pro Oven

heat pro oven
Can you cook cookies or cupcakes in the NuWave Pro Infared Oven 20326?

I saw this little baby on an article on Yahoo! http://shopping.yahoo.com/articles/yshoppingarticles/400/best-products-for-campus-bound-kids/
So, I was wondering exactly what you can cook in it and does it change the regular cooking time since the heat is more contained and closer to the food?

Tyler Is Right.
You Don’t Cook Cookies And Cupcakes you bake them there is a huge difference between them.

To cook, is to subject foods to the action of heat in order to make them more digestable. There are various ways of applying heat to foods. The method used depends on wheather the item is tough or tender.

Baking is the primary cooking method used in preparing breads, cakes, pies and pastries. Baking like roasting of meats is cooking by surrounding the item with dry heat in an oven. The baking time will vary depending on the size of the item, the temperature of the oven, the type of item involved, and the particular ingredients involved

Pro at Cooking – Episode 3 – Dave’s Pimpin Pizza

Swimming Pool Chemicals Bleach

swimming pool chemicals bleach
what do i put in a vinyl pool for chemicals (noone sells chemicals around here) can i use bleach? what do i us

my husband seems to think i we can use bleach, but i want to be able to swim in the pool still. no one sells pool chemicals around here so we need somethin else to use
i live out in the middle of the country in MONTANA! there is no big towns around, miles city is the closest, and noone sells the stuff there , no pools sales either!

Try this stuff: www.pristineblue.com.
Can order on-line. Uses a tiny amount every 2 weeks. Simplest, most effective thing I’ve ever found. (By the way, it’s made in Nebraska.)

Calcium Hypochlorite Bleach Alternative?

Pool Chemicals Bleach Baking Soda

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questions on quick set pools with chemicals?

I have read you can use baking soda and bleach? How does that work compair to buying chemicals? What is the best way to keep a pool with sparkeling blue water? I have a quick set pool that is 12 x 36 thanks
thanks! Oh the pool shocker, you use it once a week right? Do you mix the whole bag or just part of the bag?

I have had 3 of the pools in the last 8 years..bleach will eat the blue patterns off of the bottom liner and can eat the rubber up in the small pump..They sell a bromide tablet dispenser for around 4.00 and a large jar of the tablets for around 10.00..a large jar lasts 2 seasons easily, and after said and done, iss cheaper than bleach without doing damage to your pump…

Sodium HypoChloride+Brake Fluid