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Citizens Oil Heat Program

citizens oil heat program
What is so bad about Hugo Chavez? I know he won’t let USA companies use his people as slave labor and that is?

why the cons have been brainwashed to hate him. But other than that I don’t see him as a bad guy at all. He uses all his countries oil money on the citizens of Venezuela and they all have access to grade A health care and excellent schools and college. None of that is paid for by taxes. Also he has a discount oil program in the countries he sales oil to ( like America ) where any one who makes under a certain amount gets a discount on heating oil, and of course everyone in his country gets free heating oil and unlike in America nobody has to go to bed cold at night in Venezuela

1. Chavez thinks the US hit Haiti with an earthquake weapon.
2.He has put all but the state controlled media out of business.
3. He has instituted price controls on food causing shortages and hoarding.
4. Caracas had the world’s highest murder rate this year.
5. He has his political foes arrested.

And there’s more

oh, and Venezuelans probably don’t use much heating oil, it’s near the equator.

Foreign Aid for America – Chavez Sponsors Heating Oil for Poor US Citizens

Heat Protection Materials

heat protection materials
About another theory of stoping sun light to slow down global warming ?

Just a theory, what if we use laser light as a light shield making laser give collor creating a protection againts solar heat because laser dont need so much material and its just a light? It is like making a sun glass but made out of laser light?
And laser light can be big enough to cover the entire earth? and again no need of much materials?
Yes afratha solar but let me say it this way do ever use to burn paper by use of a spaesial glass insted we use color light?
The stronger the light the stronger the color cover the earth? Just a theory?
With solar panel no more thousand of el. tower and cable for thousand of km. and that can cost cancer to other people ho live under it?

In the past, when ever we take guesses to solve problems we don’t understand, we only create bigger problems and new problems that didn’t exist before.

There is no need to panic, there is no pending doom. The best cure is fully understanding the actions of the climate. Right now anyone’s predictions is just a guess. A flip of a coin is just as accurate.

Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System (TPS) Tile

Heat Production

heat production
Questions regarding star formation and heat production.?

Can someone please explain the process of star formation and how its leads to heat productions on the surface of the earth?

a star starts out as a nebula-a clump of hydrogen gas in space. When another star ends it’s life and blows up in either a planetary nebula or a supernova it can stir this up and create protostars, clumps of hydrogen gas held togethor by gravity. When there is enough hydrogen clumped togethor that the protostar can start fusing hydrogen atoms togethor at it’s core to make helium, it suddenly is a star. Stars can be either low mass (less than 8 suns) or high mass (8 or more suns). Because all of that energy from the nuclear fusion is going on, the star wants to expand but the gravity of the center keeps it togethor so it rides a fine line generating unimaginable amounts of heat for 90% of its life then when the hydrogen runs out it begins to fuse helium to higher things, and it can swell to a red giant(low mass) or red supergiant (high mass). After all the helium is fused it suddenly collapses, causing an explosion called a planetary nebula for low mass stars and a supernova for high mass stars. Then low mass stars go on to become the burning white-hot core of the star known as a white dwarf, while high mass stars become neutron stars where all of the star’s mass is in a very small area, and the HUMONGOUS stars can sometimes form black holes, where all of the mass collapses to a point and not even light waves can escape (there is beleived to be a black hole at the center of our galaxy that is less than the size of a speck of dust and is 300,000,000 times the size of the sun that holds our galaxy together). The reason that heat is produced on the surface of earth is that the sun is radiating all of this energy from its nuclear furnace inside it as ultraviolet and sometimes infrared rays. These waves are heat energy.

Heat Production’s Greatest Beats.

Pool Products Florida

pool products florida
I am looking for a product called Cool Deck and a special applicator for the second coat to give knockdown top

I live in Belize and can’t run down to the local hardware store. Nowhere in the country knows what I am talking about. I used it in Florida with wonderful results. Sun can shine on the deck around pool all day and it never gets hot. Anyone have a source that I can get it shipped to L.A.? I can get it to me from there.

Mortex Concrete Suppliers has a product called Keystone Kool Deck (cool deck)
Corporate Headquarters:
1818 W Price st. Tucson, Az 85705-2217

Lake Mary, Florida Pool service, pool maintenance, Orlando,

Heat Project Ac

heat project ac
Looking to build Sterling Electric Car Kit:) You need more information?

I would build a Sterling kit car with an electric motor! I looked around, but I'm conceptualize serioiusly. I saw pictures of people who have already made some. All advice to help me out of this project? Where to buy parts Based Buug VW, the whole set, the price for it? How can an electric motor? And it is possible to have AC and heat with electric? What is the burden of the situation to go out? I have a butt load issues, but I'll begin as soon as I get all the parts:) Jonathan http://www.sterlingsportscars.com/index/Owners_build-ups.html Sebring electrical Trotter

VW kits are in your sterling work http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2007/11/electric_vw_bug.html?CMP=OTC-0D6B48984890

Heat Project ~TK帝國~ 爆AC實錄