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Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost

swimming pool maintenance cost
How to clean swimming pool without using filter or with low maintenance cost?

We have swimming pool in our Society. I would like to know if there is anyway to clean the swimming pool without using filter. What r the ways to low the maintenance cost for swimming pool?..
Plz Help……..

You must run the filter. There is no other way of purifying the water.
Failure to do so will lead to bacteria, viral infections for users.


Pool Chemicals Charts

pool chemicals charts
Need help with chemicals used in above ground pool!?

Couple days ago, I installed small above ground pool ( 10 feet in diametar), which holds about 1200 Gallons of water. I went to the speciallized store for pools and ask them what checimals I should use. They told me to use only “Poolife” Rapid Schock, schock treatment. Couple hours after I put Rapid Schock into my pool I checked with test strip and got following results:

FCl (free chlorine bromine) – 0 ppm, (1-3 is normal for chlorine and 3-6 for bromine).
Alk(alkanity)- 80-120 ppm, (which is ok)
pH- 8.4, normal is 7.2 – 7.6
There is a following note next to the pH chart: “8.4 indicates excesive sanitizer”.

I’m really confused and do not know what to do? Please help!!!

i own a pool company.first of all lose the test strips,they are worthless.you need a test kit.on test kit chlorine should read 3.0 and ph should read 7.2 to 7.8 need more help0 e mail me at jldailey2000@yahoo.com

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Pool Chemicals Texas

pool chemicals texas
Wir hatten regen zehn Tage lang kann ich ned ablaufen mein Pool Chlor Nr. Getestet niedrigeren es überhaupt und es ist grün?

Was kann ich tun? Wir waren gerade noch über 200 Dollar für Chemische Hundred und Sachen und es ist wieder grün … Ertrinken im Südosten von Texas …??

Algecide und Shock Treatment "sollte sich darum kümmern.

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Pool Maintenance Equipment

pool maintenance equipment
How do I add a service for our good service for small businesses?

Hi, I have a question that we have a pool of small businesses Florida's southwest and we want to add a service you provide and salt, and repair of wells, I'm not sure what we can do for the training will, I pay someone to train us, but I'm not sure to find someone to train us, and I'm sure if I call our local businesses, they will certainly not help do let me know if you have any tips on how to add this type of service Thank you have are great! By the way most of our service customers of the pool are well and they always ask us about adding the service, then we are thinking that maybe we can add services and give them a discount.

to see contact local authorities, what skills they need, they may be able to direct you to appropriate training center

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