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Hair Heat Protector Reviews

hair heat protector reviews
sedu is safe?

I have dandruff and oily scalp and so hair fall from roots. no hair breakage. I am assuming since sedu is rated really high it will not affect the hair zone that i would be working with… ie away from scalp . as right now hair fall is due to scalp condition. I understand I would have to use some thermal protector to make sure moisture is sealed with the heat. that again also should not be possible as i will not be using anything on scalp.

Could there be some other problem i am overlooking?

maxiglide commercials make their product look so really wonderfull. but i am scared it may end up tugging hair from the roots. sedu has good review and so i am considering buying sedu.
Any suggestions that could help?

yes, sedu is safe, have it for a few yrs now, great product.

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