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Swimming Pool Chemicals Safety

swimming pool chemicals safety
I have my ducks in a highly chlorinated pool??

We have just opened my backyard above ground pool in my. There is a male and female Duck that almost every day come and swim around. We found no shit in the water yet, but looking forward to it and its security concerns, because the pool is heavily chlorinated and has large quantities of chemicals in it, and we are concerned about their health. help beacause not cover assets, after the rain, filled the cover with water and they came back. We are also concerned that there could be eggs around, because we have many plants and shrubs and we do not want the chicks from drowning, because he steps in the pools arent even if they are still there, then. HELP ?!?!?!

what I saw, is to buildings and other structures where not wanted the birds are done to include on the Structure down, making it impossible avenge them. You could put two and four of these tips on the subject. other than that, I would like to attend to only set plan. maybe get a cat or a dog, not like the ducks.

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