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Pool Maintenance Bleach

pool maintenance bleach
Care and maintenance for 211 gallons pool?

with a very difficult time. Whether it 3 full times. The first time he got green algae (stringy in) in it. The second time the water is green, when I finished and added bleach. (I was told by a friend 1 cup) 3 Just imagine a little green on the ground, but the water is very clear. I have a black plastic cover it. He is 6 'x 15' Sand and Sun Pool snapsets PVC and vinyl. 211 gallons. Thank you!

for somethng that small, maybe a little hydrogen peroxide solution 25% and a spa kit RX (copper / zinc) ..

Make Your Own Chlorine from Salt with the CHLORINE GENIE

Home Pool Maintenance Bleach

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My Underground Pool W SAT inactive / no maintenance for 10 years and became a frog pond. How do I clean it?

He joined us in this way, if We bought our house and the owner said the previous, empty pool debris and tree, so that was adjusted for all these years. Then with a bleach mixture to the entire pool to clean from concrete. The water is not stagnant, and frogs are great guards. Can we expect? Thank you for all the answers!

1Note: The three factors here – pH, alkalinity, total and calcium hardness – all affect each other, causing it to take some trial and error to all three in the right Area to get a time. Also note that before the addition of chemicals – especially an acid – water, you must first enable the pool filter. Step2Use a water testing kit to measure calcium hardness (how "hard" or "soft" water). Calcium hardness is between 200 and 400 parts per million (ppm). Step3Following package Directions, add calcium carbonate dihydrate to increase calcium hardness to reduce sodium they add. Carefully pour the mixture of chemicals in the pool in different places, one or two feet (about one half meter) between the sides of the basin. Step4Measure total alkalinity of the water. This number should be about 80 to 150 ppm, 100 to 120 ppm is the best. Step5Adjust total alkalinity by adding sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to increase it or reduce sodium bisulfate (dry acid). Step6With a pH tester to measure the pH of the water. The proper pH for a pool is on the order of 7.2 to 7.6. Step7To lower the pH, add sodium bisulfate or liquid hydrochloric acid. To increase, add soda (sodium carbonate). Step8Add more chemicals than necessary is that the water in balance. The treatment of Water with chlorine, granular chlorine in water in a nonmetallic container Step1Scoop according to package directions. Always wear safety glasses and rubber gloves when handling chlorine, and always of chlorine in the Water – no water to chlorine. Step2Stir for about 30 seconds and 30 minutes to solve. Step3Turn on the filter. Achieve a lot in the middle of the pool as possible (perhaps with the Standing on a diving board), pour the chlorine into the pool. Discard any sediment left in the container. Chlorine Step4Add three fifty-seven times a week for a pool in heavy Use. Step5Occasionally – no more than once a week – you need superchlorinate (also known as shock) the pool built, burn all bacteria, algae and ammonia. After the package Directions chlorine, prepare a solution for super chlorination (There will be three to five times higher than normal chlorine). Step6Add solution of chlorine in the pool after sunset if possible, that decompose the rays of the sun chlorine. Step7Before so that each go into the pool, try to ensure the residual chlorine level, it is again below 3.0 ppm. The takes at least several hours. Keep dirt and debris in the water without the basin Step1Remove leaves with a leaf net swimming as soon as you. Step2Empty sieve and rinse the skimmer or twice a week, and as often as every day during the season of dead leaves. Step3Keep deck clean by regularly sweeping and then rinsing with a garden hose. Step4Use a cover on your pool as often as possible. Step5Thoroughly Clean your pool at least once a month. Clean the filter sand against the tide: Reversing the flow of water through the filter for 2-3 minutes until it is clear that waste water. Step6For a cartridge filter, remove the cartridge out and rinse with a hose with a nozzle at high pressure. Replace the cartridge. It is what you're after, what Mike has told to do. Or just a pool boy.

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